About us

Our mission is to help internationalize at least 1000 SMEs before 2020!

We are again and again surprised by the beautiful and unique products and services our Dutch customers sell abroad.

Products and services that are not only good for the Dutch economy, but also contribute to create a better standard of living abroad.

Why are we qualified to advise?

Since the establishment of Business Boost International B.V. in 2011 we have conducted over 350 Internationalization scans and therefore advised just as many companies in their process of internationalization. Clients describe us as practical, professional, high-quality, no-nonsense and, above all, they regard us as their partner in internationalization.

Besides our past experiences and methodology we distinguish ourselves from other consultancy firms because we not only advise, but also we ourselves grow through internationalization. We have our headquarters in the Netherlands, Ireland as the second home market and from the start we have had a back office in Kiev, Ukraine.

In other words, we know what we are talking about since we are running a company with many international ties. When Business Boost International supports you to internationalize we protect you from mistakes so you can follow directly the road to international success.

Our Team

The Netherlands

Kerst Doornhof 

Eric Oving

Katerina Gorbach

Yannick van Hofland

Sari Hofman

Gera van der Meer


Irina Lebedjuk

Nadia Fatkeieva

Christina Ostrik

Stanislav Nesterov

Dmitriy Grabovets

Valeria Kovalchuk

Yana Kovalchuk

Tetiana Bila


Kilian Duignan

Seamus Murphy

Suzanne Flood


Albert Campi

Jordi Sanahuja

Jordi-Sanahuja Business Boost International Spain

Angel Rivero

Federico Martínez de Sola


Carl V. Buchwald

Flemming Vang


Francesco Fusaro

Patrick Grünbacher