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complete PDF report, October 2019
Three key Ukrainian sectors offer opportunities to investors

    Invest in Ukraine: Local business intelligence by the International Trade Centre, the Ministry of Economic and Development and Trade of Ukraine and UkrainInvest.
    • With its fertile farmlands, rich water resources, favourable climate and proximity to major markets, Ukraine has a booming agri-food sector.80% of Ukrainian food-processing firms have globally recognized certification
    • Most firms in the Ukrainian civil aircraft maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) sector are exporters and more than half meet international standards,.
    • High-quality logistics services, with 88% delivering goods and services on time.
    • As one of the top 10 countries in software development and information technology (IT) outsourcing.
    • A skilled and cost-competitive workforce and low operating costs enable many tech start-ups and established companies to compete on a global scale by offering high-quality goods or services.
    • These enterprises also benefit from value-added tax exemptions and a 5% tax on revenue, making it easier to invest in Ukraine, the report says.
    • The country's tech sector has developed rapidly, to $3.6 billion in 2017 from $110 million in 2003.
    • This high growth rate means that related ICT services and infrastructure are likely to expand rapidly in coming years – offering more opportunities to investors.
    • 'Ukraine's dynamic technology sector is growing and serving customers worldwide,' the report says. 'IT services and outsourcing, start-ups and the software research and development segments are only increasing their potential.'
    Click to download complete report (October 2019):
    Invest in Ukraine – Local Business Intelligence