​Business Boost International has analysed our market opportunities outside the Netherlands. It was a real co-operation which allowed us to assess the market potential for our niche product for 6 countries. We have come to a clear ranking of these countries. Based on the results the management and Wazzup’s stakeholders can make a decision and implement concrete follow-up actions.

Gerben Nijmeijer - CEO Wazzup Software

​Business Boost International's Internationalisation Scan provided us good insight and foundation to determine our export strategy. On which countries to focus and why? The professional approach of Eric Oving and his team has resulted in a very useful report!

Florine Snel-Menken - Innovatie- & Account Manager De Menken keuken

​We are very satisfied about the co-operation with BB-Int on setting our internationalization strategy. We admire the capability and pleasant way in which our services were critically and objectively assessed and challenged. The research is very thorough and has given us valuable and practical information for our online service. We can recommend BB-Int's  internationalization scan to everybody!

Maarten Bushoff Founder, product marketing SPODAVI

​The research performed and executed by Business Boost has delivered invaluable insights and results over a short period of time with regard to our key markets and our competitors activities. The recommendations are based and tailored to our situation.

Gianni Balistreri | Managing Director | CORNERSTONE

BB-Int has executed a thorough market research for us and identified export opportunities for our company. This has given us a better understanding of what services have the highest export potential and where these opportunities can be seized.

Wout van Wijnen - director Teus Vlot Diesel & Marine

To grow our export business, we have put a first step with Boost Business International. In a very short period of time they have provided a thorough report with facts about various countries in which we see clear opportunities. Because it is a solid and structured approach we seriously consider to ask for their assistance again for the next steps.

Pieter Klijs - Director gAvilar B.V.

BB-Int helped us to identify the opportunities to offer our products and services internationally (Europe). The approach, workshops and reports supported us enormously in determining our international strategy. BB-Int recommendations were useful, relevant and practical; ready to use. We recommend to use the services of BB-Int, because it increases the success rate and at least your own understanding of international opportunities.

Maarten de Vries - Director / Shareholder Biosisto BV

Business Boost International analysed our international activities and organisation very rapidly and advised us on market entry (a/o working with agents) and country selection based on which we are able to focus better. Profiles of potential clients for several countries were provided and these are very functional and helpful to approach these potential clients. They also contribute to a better relationship with our agents. Without any hesitation we recommend Business Boost International.

Stephan Toxopeus, General director NAWI

“In 6 weeks Business Boost International assisted me to make the Indian Market transparent and to highlight the market potential. We were able to make a choice on market segment focus. The practical recommendations and next steps are directly applicable, with a fast and justified market entry as a result. For the next steps we again asked BB-Int to assist us.

Erik Ottevanger - Director Ottevanger/Triott Group

Despite some initial hesitation I asked Kerst Doornhof and Eric Oving of Business Boost International to support Bauhuis in gathering relevant and concrete market information to further structure our international strategy. My expectations have been surpassed. BB-Int has provided high value market information and we noticed they have in-depth knowledge of how to enter new markets.

Frens Peters - CCO Bauhuis B.V

The marketing of a complex automation product (Fobis PS) was troublesome. Business Boost International has not only exposed the different internal visions, but also created a base for a shared vision/solution. Thanks to the concrete step-by-step plan it is possible to expand in and outside the Netherlands.

Sjaak Aerts - Partner RBK Group

Eastern Europe offers potential for Profextru. Our main question was to assess the potential market size in Eastern Europe, how to enter the market and which steps to take. Business Boost International has opened up the market for us and concretely advised how to achieve fast results. We have executed the proposed steps and we are very successful!

Bert Nijhuis - Director
Gert Dunnewind - Financial director

The internationalisation scan executed by Business Boost International has shown us the most attractive markets. The focus for exports on two out of our six PMC’s a/o has helped us to grow our business from EUR 5,5 mln in 2013 (around break even) to EUR 8 mln (profitable) in 2014.

Theo van den Hurk - Director Marketing & Sales

The size of the Dutch market is too small for our growth ambition. We thought opportunities would be present mostly in Eastern Europe, but it turned out that also Germany and the UK offer big chances for our business development. BB-Int has assisted me a/o to realise a cooperation with a Dutch company with complementary products. The report is very valuable to me and it provides concrete actions for the coming 3 years.

Wim Borst - Director/owner BoReCo

Practical approach. Our potentially most interesting markets have been identified after Business Boost had identified our key market drivers based on several brainstorm sessions. We are using the outcome in our daily international sales activities. We have paid the invoice for these services with a big smile..

Willibrord Woertman - Managing Director / CEO

During several meetings BB-Int has provided us with practical recommendations for our international expansion. Our gut feeling about UK as the most attractive market has been justified by concrete information provided by BB-Int. The comprehensive report presents logical and concrete steps in the right direction.

Stefan Mennes - Director Datop B.V.

Working with Business Boost International has been a great pleasure. Excellent market information and a concrete plan with next steps to expand our business internationally in a structured way.”

Wim Robbertsen - Director Offex Projectinrichters

My cooperation with Business Boost International has made me conscious about the opportunities Ghana offers, additional to my initial focus on just Senegal. I have been delighted to cooperate with them because of their quick responses and their expert role. With their support I know now which steps to take for realising my export plans.”

Guno Mac Intosch - Director/owner Mac International B.V

We have cooperated with Business Boost International to identify the most attractive markets for us and to develop the route to the market. Working with them has been a great pleasure and they came up with great and new insights and perspectives. Any company with serious international ambitions should knock the door of Business Boost International!”

Arnout Luitse - Director Sponsit

The no-nonsense internationalisation scan validated my intuition with clear market research and also provided the practical steps and distribution channels to look for. I immediately translated it into a hands-on action plan for internationalisation.”

Jop Blom - Social Entrepreneur, Behold International

Business Boost International has acted as a strategic sparring partner and critically questioned our assumptions and plans. A comprehensive report showed us a concrete action plan based on relevant information found by BB-Int. For next steps we will most certainly cooperate with BB-Int again. We recommend ambitious entrepreneurs with international challenges and ambitions to seek cooperation with the experts of Business Boost International.”

Willem van Kralingen - Director/Owner Le Credit Sportif

After several coaching sessions BB-int worked hard and fast and delivered a valuable report which clearly showed us the road to international success! We took it from there and are implementing now.”

Ron van Riet - Director Royal Matic BV

Before getting to know BB-International I was rather hesitant towards advisors. Now I am very glad we started a cooperation. They possess valuable knowledge and really want to make a difference for us. Market research, advices and action plan are all well worked out and can be implemented practically. No unnecessary thick reports, but comprehensive and concise. There is definitely a good chemistry between us.”

Carel Doornenbal - Director Empas Hogedrukspuiten BV

What struck us immediately was the critical and sharp eye of Business Boost International. As an experienced entrepreneur I easily recognised the extensive experience they have in international business. This has resulted in a well funded report with practical steps for our international expansion. By thinking along and acting as a sparring partner they have really shown they are a long term partner for us. For next steps I will not hesitate to cooperate with BB-International again.”

Sophiq - Michael Knulst, director

The internationalisation scan has proven very valuable for us. We were able to focus our energy based on Business Boost International’s input, insights and report. Because of the excellent and to the point desk research, knowledge and experience we are now confident in entering the selected European markets.”

Gerald van Kooten, owner LockBox Delivery/Alfred

Our cooperation has been very positive. I received all relevant input to make the country choice and a concrete action plan how to become successful in Germany.”

Marcel Eekelder, Director Eeftink Rensing Groep

During the project with BB-Int we learned about our own identity and strengths and how to use it in international markets. What we internationally want and how to achieve this also became clear. The speed with which they executed the project has been way above my expectations. The quality of the report is highly appreciated and helps us focus our international efforts.”

Rob de Bruin - Commercial manager

Business Boost International confirmed our approach regarding our export activities. Additionally, they provided us with the tools to position ourselves even better internationally. We are very satisfied with the results and we like to recommend their services to every internationally oriented firm.”

Lars Wiersma - Technical Director & Export Manager HC BARCOL-AIR | AIR DISTRIBUTION

Business Boost International has facilitated us with identifying export chances for our products and strategic decision making. They are not only able to support the decision making process regarding country choice for exports but are also able and very capable in identifying and selecting the right distributors. Integral, convenient and highly professional.”

Werner Jentjens - Director Natusor Gezondheidsproducten B.V.

Van Campen Industries requested Business Boost International to map international opportunities for our services and products. The project delivered us a deep and good understanding of the concrete possibilities that lie ahead for Van Campen Industries B.V.”

Peter van Campen – Managing director Van Campen Industries

We have had a few very constructive meetings with Business Boost International. The presented results match our expectations and provide us with a lot of practical tips, new suggested market segments and potential clients. This will enable us to become even more successful.”

Remi van Liempt - Director Sales & Marketing

Our cooperation with BB International has been very pleasant. Lead times of reports delivery are short and the reports are to the point. The results have been well funded and have matched and sometimes even exceeded our expectations. It provides us a clear plan to choose the most attractive countries and how to develop Eldra’s opportunities in foreign markets..

William Arts - Manager Infra Solutions / Director Sales 
Anniek Salemans - Marketing & Communication

Business Boost International has provided clear insight into ATN’s most interesting growth markets. I have a comprehensive report which is an excellent starting point for further growth

Veroniek Maat - Founder & Travel planner Accessible Travel Netherlands

The report gives an objective picture of the most interesting market segments and countries for us. Advices have been given based on the strengths of our company and next steps are very practical even to the extent how to generate additional business..

d’Jeff van der Ven - Owner and Managing Director Geton Roestvrijstaalindustrie

BB Int has identified the most attractive export markets for us, all in a very practical and crystal clear. They have handed us the tools to decide about the most attractive markets. Now we are ready to take the next steps and to start implementation together with BB Int

Jaap Stockmann - Director AdsToSport

Business Boost International assisted us choosing the most attractive country via a logical and systematic approach and taking the next concrete steps. We know now how to avoid the major pitfalls and can further scale the company.

Manon Becher
Founder Starters4Communities

For me Business Boost International has a pleasant and accessible way to map my export markets, with clear guidance.

Diederick voor de Poorte
director/owner of Agripoort

We are happily surprised about the speed and thoroughness of the export research. It is great to do business with a company that fulfils their promise.

Mr. M.C.J. Teurlings
Chairman Chairman of Foundation “Stichting Webshop Keurmerk”& Lawyer at Teurlings & Ellens Lawyers

We have asked Business Boost International to identify potential distributors for our hand tool business. By choice we have not disclosed to them distributors already known to us. With their methodology BB-Int proved to be able to identify not only distributors known to us but also multiple others that are interesting and which we were not aware of. Convincingly it has been proven that the approach is right and effective!

Mark Niemeijer
APEX Tool Group Sales and Marketing Manager EMEA HT

We were happily surprised by the well substantiated report about the export market opportunities for MZAllpro. It is well written, informative and it contained several new insights which we will definitely pursue and implement

Henk Reijnders - Managing Director Metaalzetterij MZAllpro B.V.

Within a short period if time BBI became an extension of our own organisation and supported us in market intelligence and provided concrete prospects. To us that meant an invaluable addition to our process and organisation.

Bart van ’t Ende - Commercial Manager Metaflex Doors Europe

Recently we acquired DOFRA’s onion and potato processing equipment. Business Boost has identified numerous potential clients for this equipment in multiple countries. The market information and potential clients that were delivered have inspired our existing agents to develop a practical approach with concrete actions. In this way we have accelerated the business.

Alfred Klunder - Commercial Manager Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V.