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Pannoc NV, an independent pharmaceutical family manufacturer (Belgium)
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OTC pharmaceuticals
Pangel, a classic medication effective against
mild / moderate acne
Worldwide Benzoylperoxide is still very often recommended as the first line treatment against acne. It has proven its efficiency. Compared to other anti-acne medication, in many countries it is often available without prescription. It shows less side effects and is a saver anti acne medication.

Pangel uses benzoyl peroxide as an effective remedy for acne where many competitors use antibiotics. The World Health Organization (WHO) rightly draws attention to the development of resistance in the use of antibiotics. For the treatment of acne, GPs often prescribe antibiotics.
In July 2016, the British Association of Dermatologists released the results of a large-scale study into the treatment of acne.

The title is catching: "Acne patients in the UK are being over-exposed to oral antibiotics, despite antibiotic resistance concerns"

The Association advocates less use of antibiotics by combining them with drugs based on benzoyl peroxide.

  • Good results in combination with local or oral antibiotics if a heavier treatment is necessary.
Why Pangel?
A new stable formulation since 2018, with an up to date medication file
All medications with BPO suffer from stability problems. Pannoc solved this problem with a new formulation which was approved in 2018 by the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMPH).
New attractive packaging simple and straightforward
Additional anti acne skincare products in portfolio are designed in line with the new Pangel packaging. The total anti acne portfolio covers the total anti acne treatment.
Pannoc is thé specialist of the API benzoyl peroxide.
It has been producing Pangel for more than 40 years, and knows the API benzoyl peroxide in depth.
Moreover Pannoc owns the authorisation but is also the manufacturer of the medication.
This means one point of contact and fast communication lines for business client. Think about CPP, GMP certificate … direct follow up by Pannoc.
Pangel because of the almost unique offer
+ healing effect in acne skin problems
which is quite common in Scandinavia
Private label possibility by Informed Consent
so it fits your branding profile
Pannoc NV
Center of Excellence in Dermatology & Topical production
Pannoc NV is an independent Belgian pharmaceutical family business dedicated to developing, packaging and selling pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics including creams, ointments, gels, lotions and solutions.

The manufacturing site - GMP certified - is located near Antwerp. Our products are therefore authentically Belgian, so you know what you are buying and where it comes from!
Pannoc NV believes that its most important task is to create added value through the development of dermatological products for external use.

Pannoc believes in high quality of its products and therefore is responsible for the production itself. This leads to total control in each production step.
Our ambition is to turn the company into a "centre of excellence of dermatology & topicals".

Pannoc NV has exclusive ownership over a number of products. These are mostly unique products that are protected by patents, know-how, legal permits or marketing concepts.

Quality and flexibility are paramount to us, and act as insurance for our future. Our production equipment is what is commonly known as GMP-approved (Good Manufacturing Practices). In other words, it satisfies the strict guidelines pertaining to good manufacturing that are imposed by the EEC and EHO, and permits the sale of medicines internationally.

Pannoc NV, an independent pharmaceutical family manufacturer (Belgium) is looking for a strong commercial partner to grow sales in Scandinavian countries