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Pannoc NV, an independent pharmaceutical family manufacturer (Belgium)
is looking for a strong commercial partner to grow sales in Scandinavian countries

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Intensive Anti Wrinkle Cream
Pannobase + Retinol:
highly effective anti-wrinkle cream
  • RETINOL as the golden standard in Anti-aging
Retinol is the gold standard of anti-aging skin care. Sure there are hundreds of exotic and technologically advanced sounding ingredients hyped by the beauty industry. But retinol is more than hype. It is a legitimate superhero ingredient. It's backed by decades of research and a myriad of published studies that prove it works.

Users often rebuy Pannobase + Retinol and make it their daily habit, they see a positive result and the cream is nice to use e.g. not too greasy like other anti-aging creams.

  • SAFE:
Disadvantage of the ingredient Retinol is skin irritation. With Pannobase + Retinol, this is brought back to a minimum so also sensitive skin types can use Pannobase + Retinol. With a neutral, skin-friendly pH between 5-6

The cream is produced in a pharmaceutical company following all the guidelines of GMP.

How often man use the cream of their partner? With Pannobase + Retinol there's no problem as the cream also works for male skin. Also the packaging is not typically female. The product can therefore also be targeted to men. In recent years, the notion that men cannot use beauty fades out and the male cosmetics market is expanding.

  • MASS MARKET or UPSCALE MARKET: for you to decide which market to target.
The formula makes a middle market or a up market positioning possible.
Pannoc NV
Center of Excellence in Dermatology & Topical production
Pannoc NV is an independent Belgian pharmaceutical family business dedicated to developing, packaging and selling pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics including creams, ointments, gels, lotions and solutions.

The manufacturing site - GMP certified - is located near Antwerp. Our products are therefore authentically Belgian, so you know what you are buying and where it comes from!
Pannoc NV believes that its most important task is to create added value through the development of dermatological products for external use.

Pannoc believes in high quality of its products and therefore is responsible for the production itself. This leads to total control in each production step.
Our ambition is to turn the company into a "centre of excellence of dermatology & topicals".

Pannoc NV has exclusive ownership over a number of products. These are mostly unique products that are protected by patents, know-how, legal permits or marketing concepts.

Quality and flexibility are paramount to us, and act as insurance for our future. Our production equipment is what is commonly known as GMP-approved (Good Manufacturing Practices). In other words, it satisfies the strict guidelines pertaining to good manufacturing that are imposed by the EEC and EHO, and permits the sale of medicines internationally.

Pannoc NV, an independent pharmaceutical family manufacturer (Belgium) is looking for a strong commercial partner to grow sales in Scandinavian countries