What is an Internationalization Scan?

The internationalization scan is a method where we support you in a relatively short path, in an easy accessible way (four steps) to answer the following questions:

  1. Which product or service is the most suitable for export?
  2. Which country is most suitable for my product or service?
  3. What is the best market entry strategy?
  4. Is our internal organization ready for internationalization?

Who is this scan for?

  • Companies that are open to support.
  • Companies that want higher revenues and profits abroad.
  • Companies that want to approach this internationalization strategy proactively and practically.
  • Ambitious growing companies or enterpreneurs

We have already carried out more than 350 Internationalization Scans. If you want to know more about this scan, please contact us.

Feel free to make acquaintance with Business Boost International

Business Boost International helps with export advice. We offer customization to the internationalization of products and services. Since your organization and services are unique.

We have several proven products to address internationalization. One such product is our unique Internationalization Scan. We customize this for your business.

Feel free to make acquaintance with Business Boost International. We are looking forward to exploring together which product or service is the most suitable to export for your business.