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Your organization and products/services are unique. Therefore Business Boost International B.V. applies customization.

However, we have proven products in the approach to internationalization.

What does foreign partner selection (agent, distributor, etc.) include?

In any form of co-operation it is preferred to understand your partner's profile and background. That is sometimes a bit difficult in the Netherlands, let alone abroad. Before making further steps on the path of internationalization, it is critical to find the right partner to further shape your export strategy.

Business Boost International helps you to identify and select this partner.

Our proven methodology is as follows:

  1. Together with you we compose the profile of your ideal foreign partner.
  2. On the basis of this profile we propose a "long list" of at least 15 partners who comply.
  3. From this long list we compose with you a shortlist. For the logical next steps you decide whether to do it yourself or with our assistance.

    You can think of approaching the companies on the short-list to determine if they are open to collaboration, visiting the companies and monitor the company's reputation, financial strength of the company, the background of directors or shareholders and the legal background.

For whom?

  • Companies who work with foreign business partners and want to be (more) successful.
  • Want to approach this professional, critical and want to gain insight in the risks.
  • Companies open to support. 

We have already carried out more than 125 international partner selections. If you want to know more about the Partner Selection Abroad, please contact us.

Feel free to make acquaintance with Business Boost International

Business Boost International provides export advice. We offer customization to the internationalization of products and services, because your organization and products/services are unique.

We have several proven products to address internationalization. One such product is our unique Internationalization Scan. We customize this for your business.

Feel free to make acquaintance with Business Boost International. We are looking forward to exploring together what product or service is the most suitable to export for your business.