Potential clients scan

Example of a potential client profile

Export advice

Your organization and products/services are unique. Therefore Business Boost International B.V. applies customization.

However, we have proven products in the approach to internationalization.

What is the potential client scan?

You only know if a foreign market is of interest to you if you have been able to create a picture of the potential clients in that country. Based on an ideal client profile, we map the top 10 potential clients for one specific country.

You receive these extensive profiles, we explain this in more detail in a personal conversation and give possible next steps.

For whom?

  • International active companies with ambition.
  • Companies that want to manage their foreign business partner(s) effectively.
  • Companies that want to operate smart and practical.

If you want to know more about the Potential Client Scan, please contact us.

Feel free to make acquaintance with Business Boost International

Business Boost International provides export advice. We offer customization to the internationalization of products and services, because your organization and products/services are unique.

We have several proven products to address internationalization. One such product is our unique Internationalization Scan. We customize this for your business.

Feel free to make acquaintance with Business Boost International. We are looking forward to exploring together what product or service is the most suitable to export for your business.